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November 25, 2012


Angele Hudson

She is absolutely beautiful...God Bless her!


What a sweet girl! Love those pants!


Oh my goodness, look at her.. She's so cute!


I've missed seeing your beautiful girl! AND your posts! Hope all is well with your mom. Blessings to you all.

Gloria McAllister

She has grown up since we last saw her!!! Even cuter she is. Hope the situation has improved with your Mom. We've missed you.

Gloria in Virginia

Marissa Polk

i have missed pictures you post of your home but understand that your mother comes first. i lost my mom 3 years ago and do have many precious memories of time spent with her. i hope your mother is feeling better..

Susan K.

Those gorgeous eyes!


Tina with that scarf on she looks just like you. She is beautiful and is growing like a weed. It is so good to see her....give her a big...huge...smooch for me!


Hi Tina,

Your little one is adorable! Hope you are doing well and happy holidays.


She has really grown!
Love having you back.
Prayers for your Mom and all
the caretakers. :)


Quite a little diva you have there. She is precious!

Jackie Pacheco

Good to see ya back on line sister.Your baby girl is getting so big,they grow soo fast,hope all is well with the family.Praying for ya all way out here in calif..! ....;D


cute babes


Cute ! A little diva in training :).


A doll!!!!


She is so beautiful! Happy Baby!

Becky from Tennessee

What a cutie!!


So adorable cute.. I was missing these post I have my first grandchild too. A girl but she is 20 months.. isnt it a sweet fun blessing to be a grandmother.. :)


So adorable! She looks so much like your daughter. The time has gone fast. I'm a new grandma to twins that will turn 1 year on December 15th. They are so much fun. Have missed your posts, and was so curious to see how your camper turned out. Maybe a future post? Hope your mother is doing well and that your Christmas is a blessed one.


I was sitting at the table next to you,Mika & that sweet little Marlee Pearl yesterday at lunch. I recognized you (we met yrs ago at Canton) but didn't want to freak you out and seem stalkerish by approaching you!! I hope you enjoyed your lunch as much as we enjoyed ours...my grandson ate all of his kids meal and ask for more!

Merry Christmas.

Beehind Thyme Garden & Wares

Oh, my... she is truly a sweetheart! I'm sure you are such a WONDERFUL grandmother... ENJOY your moments & soak up every minute with her.

Sending love from Kentucky, it's been some time since I have visited with you.

Pamela Anthony

Cathy Dukes

I know your life is busy with the new baby girl but I sure do miss your blogging. Esp at Christmas. Such a talanted lady Miss you!!


Cute! I really like your daughters name!


I know I haven't posted on here for a while but cannot help myself. I see your mother in her. Such a pretty girl. Have a very Merry Christmas!!

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