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August 04, 2012


Fleur Cotton

What a transformation Tina, you must be so pleased with it ... just shows what a bit of flair and vision can do!

Fleur xx


Wow, what a stunning transformation!! I think that's the best before and after I've seen! I would never have had the vision to take that on. Beautiful.


Its beautiful! Love the fabric.


You really had vision when you picked that one! She turned out just perfect for your cottage. :)

So good to see a post from you!


Oh it turned out cute....love it!


Wow...what a transformation...it's so pretty!!


I just discovered your webpage. I LOVE EVERYTHING.

Deborah Tuttle

Tina, that sofa is gorgeous. Please show us more pictures of your wonderful cottage. You are such an inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing.


Holy cow! You are one ambitious lady! Love it!


Tina I love it and it goes with your red
check chair very well. Tell Rebekah I said I am totally proud of her and tell her I said hi. I miss seeing her. Just why wasn't Miss Marlee sitting in the middle of that sofa? Good job, all of you and that's including Monica. Her two cents and your
two cents has always been awesome!


That is so beautiful, I love the colors you chose (red is awesome!) And thank you so much for sharing your fabric source - I had despaired of finding the large red buffalo check ...



Tina....so pretty! Not many would have rescued that old thing....and turned her into such a lovely creature! Beautiful


Love it! Hard to find someone to upholster anymore!!! I have a platform rocker and matching loveseat that was my mom's sitting in the garage - it needs a re-do!


what a transformation!! that sofa is 2die4 so so cute and absolutely perfect in your beautiful home.


Amazing. Welcome joy.


What an awesome sofa - love the fabric and the color!


Wow...that's what I call a transformation!! Love the fabric and the white paint that was used. Lucky you, this sofa is beyond gorgeous!

Marilyn (in Dallas)


Wow! What a beautiful find and such a pretty job reupholstering it!


i want one!!!!

gloria in virginia


Fabulous! :) Love it!


Kathy Sue

Love it Tina, you did a good job with a $25.00 find. Rebekah has alot of talent. Love it!!


That looks very much like the sofa my sister got from my grandmother's house. It is made of horse hair stuffing. My sister had her's recovered in some vintage fabric and it sits with honor in her living room. My grandmother would be so proud.
Your sofa is just beautiful. I am not a huge fan of red, but that is just beautiful. Thanks for the pictures.


Love love love it!!!! missing your posts!

Marissa Polk

awsome , great taste ect!

Miss Cherry Heart

Wow Miss Tina that is beautiful.
I have the Victorian version of that sofa.

Miss you bunches,

Mollie@Organization Accessories

I love the transformation! I have also a vintage sofa form my late granny and since it has the same look in your photo.It really needs to bring it to upholstery shop.
Can't wait for the new look that I picked.
you really did a great job!


It turned out sooooo amazing! drooling :)

Linda in Nova Scotia, Canada

Love seeing your pictures and transformations. I keep checking to see what you have posted. Love the sofa!

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Just checking in on you Tina. :)

We just moved here to Rockwall. Do you happen to know someone who could make chair slipcovers for me? You seem to have the best sources!


Just gorgeous and perfect for your home! This is a huge wow!!


It's fabulous!

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Iarraidh do bhlag post, tá súil tú ag déanamh go maith!

cheap monster beats

Iarraidh do bhlag post, tá súil tú ag déanamh go maith!


Does anyone know where Tina went?

Gloria in Virginia

Lady Prism

It is lovelely! Thank you for the happy inspiration your bloggy' brings! :D

Solar Panels

The transformation of this sofa look so great. From the antique is now a new modern sofa.


Are you OK? every morning I check to see if you have posted. Miss you.


Hey Tina ~ Where the Heck are you? We miss you :o)

Jacqueline Meindersee

Missing your posts Ms.Tina Blessings to you and yours! :)


Donna Vaughan

Where are you? Hope you and yours are OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

What a gorgeous sofa!


What an amazing transformation...it looks wonderful :)

judy miller

Tina,Do you want to get rid of that sofa? I bet not but I do covet it, it turned out perfectly beautiful. I'll now be on the look out for one like it. Need an update or that sweet grandbaby. I know you must be really busy and family SHOULD always come first but us Blogger followers are missing you, girl! Enjoy that sweetie!!!!!!


almost 2 months and no posts or pictures of your little angel. Are you ok?
I liked your sofa but now i'm sick of it!!!!Just kidding ;)


Where did you go Tina? It's like a friend just dropped off the face of the earth.


Tina, you are a star. Your fans need to hear from you. Hope everything is good in your world. We miss you.

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Missing your posts. Hope all is well.


I'm guessing your computer is broke....
Amy from Oklahoma :)


I sure hope you have not given up blogging.
Yours was the first blog I ever read.
Been following you from day one.



Where are you miss your posts darlene


Missing you on this gorgeous fall day!


It sure would be nice knowing all is okay with you and yours.

Lavon White

Okay, Tina. Enough already. Where, oh where are you tonight...oh, wait, that's not my question. Are you and your family okay? We are missing you my friend. It's just not like you to go so long between post, and this causes concern.

Kris Kahle

It's been awhile... is everything okay?


Please let us know you're okay. Please???


And we need an update on Marlee Pearl. Please?

kathy Graves

We are concerned - can you please let us know what is going on in your life so that we know you and your family are okay?


Is there someone who knows Tina personally and monitors her blog that could give us some information as to what might be going on with her and her family? I know we're all praying that everything is okay but it leaves us wondering what is going on. Anybody out there that can shed some light for the rest of us?

Lavon White

Okay, times up...you gotta' post, NOW.

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Dorian Mailhot

I can't believe it!! How wonderful job she has been done. Really now this vintage sofa looks like totally new. Thanks :)

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Katarine Hoda

That is a good buy and i commend your impeccable taste. If i was the one who saw it first, i might put some varnish to it to match with my earthy log-cabin with a country theme.


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