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May 30, 2012



BEAUTIFUL...........she looks like she is saying "SERIOUSLY LOLLY DO I REALLY HAVE TO
SEE YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACE. As she grows so do
her pearls....SWEET!!!


In Texas we say "The bigger the bow, the better the mama"

Love, love, love it!11

Susan K.

What gorgeous eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rita May

Gosh she looks exactly like her Mama! Don't you think?
A mini-Mika!

Lavon White

Just too sassy. Can't believe Marlee Pearl is five months old already.

Kathy Sue

Beautiful. I love this child. Can`t wait to see her... I am on my way Marlee with lots of kisses... She is so dern cute. Love you Marlee !!!!

Fleur Cotton

What a great photo - I love the thought that she will be able to look back on all these photos when she's older and see herself month by month - it's a great keepsake.

Hope you are enjoying sunny weather as we are in the UK.

Fleur xx

Susan Freeman

Only 5 months and already a fashionista!

Susan and Bentley


Adorable! What a cutie!!!

Marilyn (in Dallas)


She is just adorable!!!!! Those lips are precious!!!!



I get all my baby cravin fulfillment by watching Marlee.

Gloria in Virginia

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Becky from Tennessee

SWEET!SWEET!SWEET!!! A girl just can't
have too many pearls, now can she??
Love this sweet baby. Seeing her makes
me smile!


Those eyes - beautiful - so glad she is healthy, happy and growing like a lil' weed!


Oh Dear Lord she is too cute!

grammycarolynn..."Chenille Cottage" Blog

I can see you are lovin being a Grammy...and, I can see why!
What a little angel!

Sandra Lee

Her name suits her to a T!!!!! So adorable!!!


time to come back Tina!!

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Beautiful, I love kids love all triplets, congratulations on pretty baby


She is so stinkin' cute, I can't stand it.
xo bj

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