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May 23, 2012


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olyan szép article.i javasolni fogja a barátaimnak.


Merry Christmas to you all and prayers.


Such a sweet picture - I love all of the lacey outfits and baby's big bow!


Margie Nell and I celebrate the same birth date!

mbt prix

Qu'est-ce une image douce. Quatre générations ... Vous avez tous tellement belle et tellement heureuse et que l'on peu précieuse se développe si rapidement aussi! Je me souviens quand vous attendiez pour la douceur d'être né. Je sais que vous apportent tous beaucoup de joie à l'autre ..

casquette new era

Hey, j'ai trouvé un blog, j'ai bien aimé quelques-uns des messages est plus, je pense que des gens comme votre blog et j'aime lire le blog de ​​blog.Your très bon!

Jeanette Duke

Hello, my name is Jeanette and I love visiting your blog . What a sweet family! Little Marlee is too precious! I just had to comment on your birthday. Mine is March 25th 1951. I find there aren't many March birthdays. It just so happened mine fell on Easter Sunday. I tried to figure out my next BD will come somewhere in my eighties.LOL!!Please continue your sweet blog.


What a sweet picture. Four generations...You all look soooo good and so happy and that little precious one is growing so quickly too! I can remember when you were waiting for the sweetness to be born. I know you all bring much joy to each other..
have a great evening..
I have a Giveaway...stop by.

Dorothy Prudie

So glad you were able to take this photo. Love your blog too.


Truly a blessing. This photo will be so treasured will be treasured by future generations.

Becky from Tennessee

This is a wonderful picture. Marlee Pearl is beautiful!

Kathie Truitt

I agree with the poster above that Marlee will treasure this photo, as will the rest of you. Tina, you're absolutely adorable.


I've been in and out a few times and this picture always makes me grin. Just wonderful! And so much love around and through the generations. Little Marlee is so cute and so blessed.


How lucky you are to have a 4 generation photo! Treasure it always.

Marilyn (in Dallas)


What a great bunch of good lookin' women!


Awesome, gorgeous family photo!


Beautiful, what a wonderful keepsake this is. I will always treasure the photos of the four generation when my
now grown daughter was just six weeks old on my first Mother's Day. Precious memories.


What a wonderful photo!


What a beautiful photo!


Tina, Marlee Pearl will treasure this some day. That is wonderful, being held by her
great grandmother. "Let's hear for the girls"............YAY GIRLIE GIRLS!!!!!!!!!
{{{{{{LOOKIN' GOOD}}}}}}

Tina I like your new short hair too!

Tracy R

Sweet picture, something that will always be treasured. :)


Beautiful Picture, love it Tina!!

Fleur Cotton

What a lovely photo Tina, this would be the perfect photo for the front of your family christmas card?

How special to have four generations - you are very lucky.

Best wishes from the UK
Fleur xx


Some of my favorite people in the world!!


Just beautiful, Tina. Thank you for sharing. I love the pearls on Marlee Pearl ~ my kind of gal!

Lisa~A Cottage To Me

Very nice!


What a wonderful keepsake!

Susan Freeman

Wonderful pic of the four of you! Belated Happy Mother's Day!!

Susan and Bentley

Glenda K. Nelson

I just love this pic of all of you - precious!!

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