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February 21, 2012


Kathy Sue

Tina, you and mom did a great job on the flowers.I tried to post while I was gone and tell you but it must have gone into space.ha. Miss him to and I appreciate you always being there to put pretty flowers on his grave. You keep it up so nice.Another sign of your love for him.Love you to the moon


I so love your posts. All of them.



Short and sweet....eloquent and heart-felt. What a lovely tribute to your dad.

We are coming up to the first anniversary of my beloved father's passing. It's been on my mind so much lately.

Thank you for scripture. It has comforted me more than you will ever know.

Marilyn (in Dallas)


Tina beautiful day it was to be thinking of your daddy. It is time for me to change my parents flowers from red roses (for Valentine's day) to a Spring bouquet. Tomorrow it has been one year ago I lost my sister. It still hurts just like
it was yesterday. Today they are suppose to be setting her sewing machine headstone. I
am making a stepping stone with a mosaic quilt pattern on it for the foot by the bench. Thank God we had a beautiful day yesterday, I am so tired of rain.

Marilyn Lisenbee

My Mom and Dad were both from East Texas. My Dad from Garrison and my Mother from Tenaha. I was just there last April (stayed in Nacadoches) as Sis and I took our 90 year old Father to his 70th High School reunion in Garrison. It was great!

Every year, I try to raise bluebonnets but no success so far. I am a Kansas girl, born of Texas parents, now living in Missouri.

Nice to meet you.


Hi Tina
Your post was short and sweet and I sit here thinking...and I almost don't know what to say. Beautiful. A beautiful day to be thinking of your daddy...*Hugs*. I miss mine as well..
have another lovely day..

Sweet Cottage Dreams

What a sweet post, Tina. God Bless you and your family.

Your daddy is always with you and smiling on his precious family.


dena palmer

Your spring bouquet looks lovely

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