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August 01, 2011


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LOVE it. It would be a favorite of mine for sure!!! All that jewelry. The color of the furnishings are great. LOVE the pink and green and the pictures.


Looks like a fun place for girls to shop.


Oh what a fun fun store. I love the colors too. Wish we still lived in Texas. Kathi

Judy in California

Love, love, love everything in the store. Mika is so lucky! What a fun job!!


If I lived closer I'm sure I'd spend WAY too much money in that darling store! Mike looks beautiful, by the way..... :o)


Looks great, someplace I would love.

Erin Parker

I love Dressin Gaudy. We go to the one in Branson all the time.


Wish there was one in Pittsburgh, PA. That store is adorable. (So is Mika). I would definatly be a customer.


cute cute cute... I love the aqua top


OH MY! OH MY! I'm swoonin' I'm swoonin'!!!

Patti Wafford

I love that store! I go every chance I get whenever I'm in Tyler, Longview or Canton!! Its a fun store to shop in and I never leave empty handed!

Julie Harward

That is a darling store! Love all the cute cloths and such, I love how lacy things are so in this year! :D


Let me know if they open a shop in Chicagoland! CUTE!


Well now ain't that the cutest little p.g. lady I've ever seen. That Mika has a fun
job in a very happy place. We went to the
one in Canton Saturday and it was closed.
My 15yr. old twin grand daughters were mad.
They were looking forward to buying some more of those jeans and tops my daughter had bought them last time in Canton.
Mika's store is more colorful. Canton was
very sparse, I have never seen it with that least amount of people and vendors. It was ***HOT***. I couldn't figure out which man was Tony.LOL.


Gosh, I wish we had one here. It looks like a place I would LOVE.


Becky from Tennessee

Love the name! Mika looks so cute and happy!


What a fun store. I really need the orange blouse. CUTE!


Looks like a cute, fun place.

The Store Manager is doing a fantastic job!! :-)

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Claudia Voorhees

can you buy online ?

Paula Jo @ Home and Garden Decor

What a fun store to shop at I bet. wish I could find one around here like that. I would love it.

Juju at Tales of Whimsy...

Oh my! I love it! I would adore this place.


I love that lace top. Can you call and place an order?? I'd love to have one of those.


Looks like a fun place to shop!


Cute shop, love all the bright colors!
Carol in HOT Georgia!


Met your sweet daughter in there the other day. I had just seen your post about them having a baby and I recognized her. I know you all are so excited!!!!


I love this store, Tina! Oh I wish I lived there! Mika looks so fashionable while cleaning..I love her pose with the windex!


Now that is a store for me.....Just last night one of the managers commented to me as I was leaving the store ( I am a customer service manager at Walmart)..'you sure do have a lot of 'sparkle'...you bet I do....I love dressing up my black and white attire at work....

cheap caps

Looks great, someplace I would love.


I shop Dressin' Gaudy regularly! In Tyler - will have to say HI to Mika when I go back. I didn't know she was manager there! I love that store - such cute outfits for a decent price!


I will be in Branson, Mo next weekend and plan on stopping by.

Miss Cherry Heart

Oh Tina what a great boutique!
So fun and festive! I would love to work there!
I want want want one of those lacey tops {10th picture down} do you know how much they are?

Thank you for sharing, Hugs, Dolly

P.S. Mika looks GREAT!

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

Such cute things! I especially love the lace tops - so versatile. I can see why this shop has had such "staying" power.

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


Eek! I love it all! Bet they don't have plus sizes! Wish they'd open one up here in the Pacific NW! Love!!

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