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May 16, 2011



A perfect barn wedding experience.

unique weddings

Wow, so cute. Congratulations to the new couple. I am so happy for them. Congratulation also for the job well done.


You did a fabulous job!!! Everything looked beautiful!!
How would a person go about getting one of the wreaths like you used on the barn door??? I imagine it is made of Chinese Tallow berries and twigs, but I have never seen one for sale anywhere.
Many thanks for any info!!

Lillie Mae Acres

That is one of the prettiest weddings I've seen in a long time. How unique and personal!

Julie from Texas

Phenomenal job! Ya'll are so talented! :)

Rita May

Everything looks so fabulous, but what got me was the cookies in the cast iron skillet! I love my cast iron and can do that anytime. Thanks for all the great ideas. I'll be using more unusual items for serving the next time I have a gathering. Love it!


Tina! Yall did awesome!!!!! So in LOVE with it!!!! I would totally get married so you and Monica can decorate!!!! Lol... LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!


How lovely Tina! Looks like so much fun, fantastic job on the decorations!

Becky from Tennessee

So cute....love all the whimsical
touches. The cookies in the skillets
was such a cute touch..was that milk
in the dispenser?? Tooo cute!! I think
I saw some of Mika's work there?? By
the way, did ya'll have to climb up to
hang the chandelier and pom poms? Great
job, Tina...ya'll should be so proud!!


The wedding was just beautiful, especially the bride. The decorations were out of this world. Ya'll out did yourselves. Great JOB!!!!!!!!

Andrea Rayna

AHHH...the beautiful wreaths!

Every thing is just so beautiful, Congrats to all !


Just gorgeous!


Oh Tina, Beautiful Job! Wow!


love it all... sure you gals dont want to come to lake tyler July 3rd?


Absolutely Darling! You guys did a great job!



Tina you, Monica and Jena did a wonderful job. So much talent in that barn. Love the
iron skillets, but I would love to have seen a "man tamer" (rolling pin) incorporated with all of that. I love that striped throw, where did you find that?
Is that Tony's gate, if you could have used his painting of the cows that would have been great. Ya'll did an excellent job and the bride was gorgeous. Love using the old machine drawers and did ya make Monica take her flowers out of those strainers? unhuh...
ya did. LOL. GREAT JOB GIRLS!!!!!

Sharon Carstens

How clever. It looks like a fun wedding and I especially love the cookies in the iron skillet. You and Monica did a beautiful job as usual.

Sandy Blaxland

So gorgeous! I've never seen a wedding like it and I just love it.


What a beautiful job Tina! You gals really outdid yourselves!

Erin Parker

Love it, love it, love it. If I ever get married again, and that is a big IF, I know who to contact.


Gorgeous! Every.single.thing! Especially the bride.



Love it Sunflowers and M&M's don't get any better. Loved the cookies in the iron skillet too. Beautiful job and wedding.


Jessica and Jason are VERY lucky to have such talented help to make their wedding extra special. You girls did a wonderful job of mixing fancy and country. I just love looking at these pictures. Each time I find some new detail that is so cool and clever!
Looking forward to more. WELL DONE!


Lauren from Southern Sassafras


Tracey in Paradise Pa

How cool!! Thanks for sharing.
Granny Trace



A wedding fit for a magazine!! Stunning work ... makes me want to renew our vows :)

Miss Holly

Wow!!! What a fun wedding! The bride was just gorgeous!!! Can't wait for more pictures!!


What a wonderful wedding!! Great job!!!

Mandi Pike

Cutest wedding decor EVER!!! Love every detail, the photos on burlap frames, the suckers on the hay, the candy bar, the cookies and milk, the sunflowers - all fabulous!!!


Absolutely dreamy! I know they loved it. You girls did a wonderful job.

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