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February 18, 2011



Shared this in the weekly Blend over at http://scrappyjavagirl.blogspot.com/

Thank you for sharing your cottage with us!


Paula Jo @ Home Decor | Outdoor Garden Decorations

I just love rosemary, and the blue jar you put it in just makes it show that life is simple, and can be beautiful at the same time.


As Barbara mentioned above, I'd also like to attach a hangar near my front door, but can't quite tell how you have hung the jar.

Would you mind sharing your secret? :-)

Marilyn (in Dallas)


I love the smell of rosemary. It would be wonderful with shrimp for dinner tonight. Yum!

Barbara Buchanan

Rosemary has always been a favorite of mine ~ the fragrance is so fresh and stimulating! I love the way you have showcased it in a jar. I'm thinking I could attach some sort of hanger that would hold a jar by my door? That would be an amazing place to hold a day's offering of herbs or a handful of flowers ~ Love the idea!

John Rambo

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Deb Steckly

So pretty. It is the simple things that make such a difference. Lovely! Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5


Mmmmm! I love rosemary and such a great idea!


I can do this! I have the ingredients and the jar! Thanks, Tina.

Susan Freeman

Simple and sweet!

Susan and Bentley

'''Susan Kellam

I love rosemary too! Every time I go past a plant I just have to touch it so that I can enjoy its' scent. Unfortunately, the cold weather last week did my plant in...and it was the first one I had managed not to kill! But I'm not going to give up!!!!


I love herbs, and rosemary is one of my favorites. Those cuttings look really cute in the ball jar, and that polka dot bow looks perfect.

Are you rooting those cuttings? I've had pretty good success rooting cuttings in water.

Marilyn (in Dallas)


Nice Tina~ I love Rosemary and have two plants in my courtyard. Pretty in your
blue jar.

Marissa Polk



I love rosemary the aroma !! rosemary and a blue ball jar so simple so beautiful!


I love Rosmary and the smell!
Happy Weekend.....


I love Rosemary. Had a plant for nearly 10 years and this summer while a man was here doing some clearing he took out my rosemary. I will plant some more this spring because it is one of my favorite herbs. Hope you have a great weekend.


One of my Favorite herbs! Love, love, love the smell! Another great idea! Have a great weekend!

sandi @the whistlestop cafe

I Love Rosemary~
Another friday's favorite for sure :-)


I'm with Destiny ! I buy them-- they look and smell pretty and I look again and they re brown and crackly.
Oh Rosemary--- why dont you like me ??????

pretty in your pretty jar !!!!!

oh my !!!!


Simple and pretty. Going to do the same with one of my Ball jars.


I could smell rosemary all day. Love it!
Happy Weekend! :)


I LOVE rosemary AND ball jars - the perfect photo to make me smile! I have a hard time keeping rosemary around though...I've managed to kill 3 plants this year...I finally found a nice feaux rosemary plant, but I miss the smell LOL


Love it! Looks beautiful there!

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