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March 01, 2010



The plates are such a neat idea , I love the way you put them together for either a bedroom or a bright kitchen
Thanks for sharing

Susan Freeman

Visually, I always think that twin beds are more fun to decorate than any other size. I am anxious to see what you plan for this room.

Susan and Bentley


Oh I wish it was queen size!


Tiny, your bedding is so pretty!!!! Can't wait to see you bedroom redo.

Becky from Tennessee

Hi Tina,
I love your bedspread and pillow sham....makes
me want to run right out and buy a twin bed!!!
Can't wait to see what you do to the room.

Glad you're back from Canton.



hey jmac...it's green!!


Hey Tina....is the tole tray black or green background? Hard for me to see it....


The bedding is so pretty, I can see why you are sad about selling it... and I am so amazed on how you hung those gorgeous plates on the wall.... they are so stunning.... can't wait to see the redo... have a great week..



HE HE HE! Tina, I think you better share the secrets of that plate collage! I love this room. I can't wait to see what you do with it.


As you are trying to sell your sweet wares, I was busy looking at the plate collage on your wall... LOVE it!!! Yes, how did you do that?!? Hmm... hammer, nails and wire, here I come ;) (GLUE, if all else fails, hehe) So glad I found your blog! :)

Angela C

I didn't realize how much I like to stop by your blog til you were gone for a bit and I was missing your posts! I'm another person that wants to know how you got those plates displayed so fabulously! I have a thing for antique plates and that look is so unique and not as boring as the usual plate rack.


I saw a similar plate display in Anthropologie and have always wanted to try it. How did you get the front plates to "pop" out like that? Tell us please......pretty please?

carolyn ericson

Love the bedding, however that plate
arrangement is a WOW for me.


Well it's about time you came home. Sure did
miss ya. Hope all went well in Canton,at least you got one good day of sun. I bet ya
sold a lot of LaurieAnna's booth,since she
got her Spring stuff in. My daughter broke
her "y" ball and she cried,now her f-a-m-i-l
is left alone. Guess we'll have to get one
next time we are in Canton. Love your bedding,wished I had a twin bed,but that's
kinda hard to put two grandchildren in one.
That is a steal for someone with a twin bed.
Very "Cottagie",(if that's a word).This is

Ashley Schott

I was just gonna ask that same question!! I love the plates like that... so cool! I almost wish I had a twin bed now too:(
I wanted to invite you to my first giveaway if you'd like to come check it out:)


Sorry, I have to ask, have you showed how to make that plate display before? I have searched, but no luck...I just love that! any info would be so great!

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