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December 06, 2009



I am so sorry for your loss.
Pets become so much a part of our lives and family.


I'm so very sorry for your loss....


I am so sorry. You and the family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage

Tina, I am so sorry. Tulley had the face of a sweet angel....I know you will miss her terribly. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Jacqueline Meindersee

Miss Tina & Family,
I'm so sorry to hear about Tulley! Pets are such treasured additions to families and I am certain she couldn't have had a better family to love her! Our family had a wonderful rottweiler friend for 13 years when we had lost him. I hold on to the great memories we have of him and that helps. Hang in there! My prayers will be with you!

Miss Jean

I am so very sorry, Tina. I don't know what to say. Losing a pet is so devastating. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Renie Cee

Tina and Family:

So sorry to read that you lost your family pet, Tulley. They become a precious part of your lives and add so much joy. It is so hard to lose them but know that you gave Tulley the best life she could have had. Talk about Tulley as much as you can manage and it will help dull the pain of the loss, at least it helped our family when we lost our big red girl Rachel. I will be sending up prayers for your family.

I love reading your blog because it puts a little sunshine in my day.

Brenda Gipson

I am so sorry:(

Julie Harward

Oh, i am so sorry about Tulley! What a sweet member of your family..and I know you were so good to this sweet animal too. I know how it feels..I too love animals so very much, I feel so sorry for people who don't have them as part of their families. Sending you xoxo :D


So sorry for the loss of your doggie. Loosing a pet is very hard on the family. Your in my thought and prayer and may the memories live in your hearts and bring smiles to you.


TINA AND MILTON....Iam so sorry to hear of TULLEYS passing. Seems like it is almost like losing a child. We had our Ebony for 15 years and I cried like a baby when she died on our bathroom floor. I will be thinking of you during the holidays when a member of your family is missing........... JAN


I am sorry for your loss. We always think of our lost love, she died three years ago, this time of year and my girls are sitting here with me looking at Tulley's picture remembering how much they loved their little schnauzer and worrying that you are very sad. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic


Oh, I am so very sad for you!!!! You are in my heart today. I feel like I knew Tulley!!!

Sharon Carstens


We have a 12 year old pug that is like a child to us. I am dreading the day he leaves us. You have to look at the bright side, how many of us are going to live to be 105!


Tina, Milton and Mika:
I'm so very sorry for the loss of Tulley, and for the hole in your hear that it leaves you with. You'll all be in my prayers.

Pamela Knopf

So very sorry to hear about Tulley. We have a dachshund and he is such a part of our family. I will be praying for you and your family.


Sorry to hear you lost your little puppy-dog. Losing a pet is so hard:(

Mandi Pike

We will all miss Tulley. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all...thank you for sharing your precious pup with us over the years.



I am so sorry for your loss of Tulley. We lost our beautiful Meeka (also a dachshund) last July and our hearts were broken and we miss her so very much. Animals are indeed such a part of your daily lives and family aren't they :)...I know and feel your loss sweet friend.



Tina and Family, I was so sad to hear about Tulley. I believe that animals are sent from God for us to love and protect. I could tell that Tulley was much loved. He was indeed a blessing from God. Tanya

Amanda D.

Tina, so sorry for the loss of your sweet Tulley....

Cass at That Old House

Oh Tina, I am so sorry about your loss of Tulley. They do break our hearts, our pets, but it's the price we pay for the joy and love they bring into our lives.

We have lost 3 dogs in the past 4 years, and I miss them still.

I will give our dog Dion a special cookie today, in memory of Tulley, to honor a life well lived and loved.



I am so very sorry to hear about your sweet baby. No words can comfort your heart but just know that your sweet boy knew he was loved and he lived a long and happy life with his family. When I lost my beloved boy Rufus 3 yrs ago a friend gave me this poem `i hope it helps a little.
Again i am so very sorry for your loss.
luv, Lisa

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.
When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.
They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

Author unknown...

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Dear Tina & Family,
Please accept our condolences on the passing of your beloved Tulley. Oh, if only our doggie companions could live a longer life span. Maybe it is meant to be so that we bring more of these wonderful creatures into our lives. Tuelly was blessed to have you all as family.

Teacup Lane (Sandy) & Hubby


Dear Tina and family - I am so, so sorry for your loss. Sweet Tulley will be greatly missed by his loving family. It is heartbreaking losing a loved family member. I am thinking of you and sending you my prayers. I know that Tulley is running and playing somewhere, and always with you.



I am so sorry about your loss of sweet Tulley, my heart is breaking for you. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this sad time.

Big hugs from me to you, Nicole


Im sorry for your loss! I feel your pain because my Cat Eli, who I had since I was in 4th grade(and I will be 27 this month)was put down on December 5. Animals are such a blessing to a home. Take Care!


Dear Tina and Family,

I am so sorry for your loss.



Aw, 15 years is a long time, like a family member :( Its sad to lose a pet.


Oh, Tina and family, I'm so sorry. Those little furry kids fill a huge void in our hearts. I know that Tulley had a wonderful life with you and felt greatly, greatly loved. Such a sad time.


So sorry to hear that, I lost mine a year ago and it still hurts so much in my soul, so I know what you are going trough.
I am sure Tulley had the best of life and now she is running happily on forever green meadows with friends in the paradise.
Thinking of you....


Oh, Tina that just makes me sick. Our pets are such a huge part of our lives. Thinking of ya'll.

Fay Marie Torzsok

Dear Tina,
Saddened to hear about Tulley. You and your family are in my thoughts at this very difficult time.


Fay Marie


I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Tulley. Our pets are so dear and such a part of our family . I will give my Dog Bentley a big hug in memory of your beloved Tulley and say a special prayer for you.


Tina and Family - So sorry to hear about the loss of your sweet Tulley. Pets become just like our children, don't they? Having lost a couple dogs myself a few years ago, I know the pain you are feeling at this time! My blessings to you all. Francine

Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

Oh sweet Tina...I'm so very sorry...our precious pets become important members of our family, loving so unconditionally ~ sending you hugs and love, Dawn


I am soo sorry for your loss Tina! Pets ARE family members so I know your heart must be so full of sadness...just know our thoughts and prayers are with you


So sorry for your loss. I wish I could bring her back for you. I LOVE my pets too. I'll send a prayer for you and yours.


Oh, So sorry to hear! It is so hard to lose a loved pet! So sad!


I'm so sorry for your loss....

marissa polk

I am so sorry for your loss If tully brought as much sunshine to your family as my two dogs do to me your heart must be broken . i will keep you in my prayers.


Tina,I am so very sorry for your loss.
They are family and it hurtsd so badly when they have to leave us.
We lost our precious English Bulldog in Sept.We are still grieving for her.
Hopefully all your wonderful memories with Tulley will help you heal.
He is running free on Rainbow Bridge now.
Love and prayers,Becky

Brenda S 'Okie in Colorado'

My thoughts and prayers are with you at this very sad time. This made me cry. I have two little doxies.I know if they passed it would break my heart. I am so sorry. Tulley was very precious.

Into Vintage

Oh Miss Tina,
I'm so sad and sorry to read this post about sweet Tulley. I'm sure you must have many wonderful memories of your 15 year friendship. I'm going to go give my girl Squeak a big hug & a kiss in honor of your Tulley. Take care. xo


I'm so sorry. I can empathize as we lost our 15 year old Bailey (Springer Spaniel) Nov. 24th. It is heartbreaking.

kelly~rose vine cottage

My heart goes out to you and your family, I am so sorry for your loss );


I am soooo sorry!! I know how much you are hurting. My heart goes out to you in your time of loss!!

Judy @ daily yarns

I'm so sorry for your loss.


So sorry for the loss of your sweet Tulley....I have elders(pets) in my home and know I will cross this same path someday soon.....blessings and comfort to all.....


I am so, so sorry for your loss. I know she was a beloved member of your family.


I'm so sorry to hear about your little Tulley dog. I know she was so much a part of your family. I can still recall the funny picture you posted of her and the Dorito bag with chip crumbs all over her face.



Tina, My heart aches for you because our dogs are such an important part of our family too. I'm thinking of you!


Oh Tina sooo sorry to hear of Tulley passing on. Big hug for you and the family.



I am sorry. We also lost a dear pet this year that was with us for a long time. It is so hard to say the right thing. The hole does get smaller and the ache lessens with the passing of time.
I believe that our animals are a blessing from God. They each have a job to do here on earth and they serve so faithfully. Tulley will always be a huge part of your families memories.



I am sorry for your loss. She seemed like a really sweet doggie.


Oh No!!! I am so very sorry! :-( When I read this in my email (I get your posts - RSS - set up in my emails, so I never miss one) my heart just sank into my stomach. As a fellow dog fur-baby lover I know exactly how your feeling. What a sad Christmas now. :-( My heart goes out to your family. {{{hugs}}}


Becky H

so sorry,Tina.

Teresa, St. Paul, TX

Tina, my heart aches for you and all of Tulley's family. You are in my prayers.


So So Sorry, tina. Your heart is aching but try to remember the glorious memories you have of your baby. Time will help....and another puppy!

Rita May

I'm so sorry for the loss of your beloved dog. Tulley had the life every dog dreams of, love and affection, care and kindness. She led a blessed life, and yours was "dog blessed".
Dog lover,


Sweet Tulley will be remembered by so many people...what a wonderful tribute to a wonderful pup. So very sorry for your heavy hearts and the empty space in your home...she was a lucky little soul to have had such a phenomenal family!


I am so very sorry for your loss. Y'all are in my thoughts and prayers.
Wendy in North East Texas


I am so sorry. Hugs to you today. I know how difficult it can be.


I know just how you feel. I lost my precious kitty who was 12 on Oct 29 of no apparent reason. I cry every time I think of her...your sweet Tulley news made me cry too.


They are never with us long enough, are they...Tulley was truly loved and will be missed, but may you have many happy memories of your time together. Hugs to you,

Mandy Baker

Tina.....How sorry I am to hear of the passing of such a close friend. My heart goes out to you. Mandy

Leigh Ann

So sorry for your loss. Pets are such a big party of our families. Take care~
Leigh Ann


Oh Tina I am so sorry. I know you loved Tulley very much.


I am so sorry. We had to say goodbye to our two elderly cats, one two years ago and her sister this past year.

I didn't think my heart could love another furry friend again but friends talked us into bringing home a kitty that wasn't working out with their other animals.

She is curled up next to me as I type and she had me completely around her little paw the first day. She cannot replace our other two but she has made her own space.

I know there will be many tears in your home for your beloved friend.


I'm sorry to hear of your loss. :(


I like so many others am so sorry for your loss. I believe we will see our sweet friends in heaven, God knows how much we love them! Just know that she will be waiting for you!


Oh Tina - I am so SO sorry. My heart hurts for you and your family.

sandy toe

I am sorry..that is VERY difficult!
sandy toe


I am so sorry about your sweet pup passing away. I know your family is heart broken. Sending thoughts and prayers your way.


I am very sorry, Tina.
xo bj


Oh Tina I am so Sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry for the loss of your precious friend Tulley. I am going to send you an email with a poem that I love so much. Take time to cry your tears but, remember all the wonderful hours of love the two of you shared. Hugs! Charlene


Tina~ My heart goes out to you and your
family in the loss of Tulley. I know
what it is like to loose a pet that you
have had for a long time. It hurts,but
Tulley is in a much better place with
her head laid upon a big cherry cloud.

Debbie York

I am truly, truly sorry. Whether 1 year or 15, our beloved pets are such a part of our family and our hearts that the loss is devastating.


Tina & Family,

I am so sorry for your loss. Sending you lots of love and prayers for comfort.



I'm so sorry Tina. I do know how hard it is to lose these precious babies. Our 12 year old pug died last month and part of my heart went with my Barney.

You will be in my prayers,


So so sorry that you lost her at this time of year....any time of year.. I know she is frolicking upstairs and having a grand time...sweet Tulley...


I'm so very sorry to hear of Tulley's passing. May you all keep her special memories close to your heart!!


I'm sorry and my heart hurts with yours.


Ah, Tina (and family)....I am so sorry :-( To lose such a special part of your life...even if it is an 'expected' thing...is never easy.

I am glad that Tulley had good, long years with you. And I know you will treasure those memories forever.

God grant you peace and solace...

Becky from Tennessee

Oh Tina, I am so sorry to hear about your
precious Tulley. I thought something was
wrong since you hadn't written in several
days. I'm glad you posted that adorable
picture of her with her blankie over her
head. Too cute! I also loved the picture
of her eating the Doritos. What a cutie
sweetie pie!! Take care and remember a
lot of people have you in their thoughts
and prayers.


Tina, I'm so sorry about your puppy. we lost our Holly at the end of September after 15 1/2 years so I can relate to how empty you feel now. Please accept my sympathy with your loss.

Sandy McClay

Dear Tina and Family,

I am so sorry for your loss....this is such a hard time of year to loose someone you love so much....not that any time is easy. I lost my Dad a week before Christmas and I know how it feels.....please know you are all in my thoughts.

Laura Reed

Dear Tina and your Family,
I am so very sorry for your loss, I know exactly how you feel. Pets are like your children and it's like losing one of them. My thoughts and prayers are with you all!

Love, Laura


I share your pain. I lost my 15 yr. old Brandy on Nov. 12 so I know how you are feeling. For something so small, they sure leave a big hole when they leave. It does get better, but for now just cherish your memories and cry all you want to.

Karen Johson

Oh Tina!! I am so, so sorry! I did not know or I would have written sooner. You are in our thoughts and prayers. I know she loved you soooo much and you her. Hugs and More Hugs....Love you, Sis-in-law!


Tina, I had not been on here all day and did not know you had posted this.We all loved Tulley so much. She was a wonderful wienner dog.Her moon walk out of the kitchen was so cute and so funny. I miss her and will always miss her.I will be thinking of you and Milton and Mika.You know how I am about dogs.I love her and you too.Your sister,Kathy Sue


Dear Tina,
I am so sorry to hear about your sweet Tulley. We have all been there and we know how you are feeling. Sending you love, hugs, and prayers for all of your family.


I am so so sorry for your loss. :( I am sure she had a good 15 years of life with you. :)

Daisy Cottage

I am so very very sorry and sad to hear about your loss of your beloved Tulley.

There are no words. Please know that we are thinking of you.



Oh Tina, I'm so sorry. Tracy


I'm so sorry! Pets are very important and such a huge part of family life. Sending thoughts and prayers your way...


I'm feeling your pain and loss. We, too, lost our beloved dog Maxie just six months ago. She was 15 also and had been in our lives since she was a mere 7 weeks old. She watching over you and waiting for you at the rainbow bridge. Prayers to you.


Oh my Tina, I am so sorry. Fifteen years is a long time. We had our beloved Bailey for fifteen and a half. We lost her last year. I agree with Claudia. Somewhere Tulley is romping and playing...maybe with my Bailey.

Hugs to you and your family.



Bless your heart.... many many thoughts are with you and I know prayers are being said for you in your sadness. It is a fact of life that we all like to forget about, push aside, and ignore when these furbabies are with us. It is not a happy reality. Our beloved pets will leave us before our time is finished here. DON'T LIKE THAT!! They do add so much to our days. It's priceless. I am so sorry aboaut Tulley. I'm thankful for the pics and memories I have of the pets that have left our family already. :-) Always special in our hearts, never forgotten. Thank you for sharing this very hard day with us. We all feel the ache in your heart. Blessings....


I was so sad to check in and read your post. I'm so sorry for the loss of Tulley. I know how hard this is on your family and my thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

Hugs - Karen

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