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February 06, 2009



Hi Tina,
So happy that you are feeling better! have a wonderful weekend. The weather in Tx is supposed to be great. I am going shopping in Longview tomorrow. I havent been in ages.

christina cadden

I had so much chocolate today! It is so good!


Tina...YOur so right sweets! And never take life for granted...enjoy each moment...
And chocolate makes it soooooo much better!!!LOL
Glad your feeling better hon...my hubby is better & now my daughter is under the weather!! It seems to be going around!!
Have a great weekend:)


Yummy! Chocolate is always good no matter what time of the day it is.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend! So glad you are feeling better.


Now, that is a sign you are feeling better! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic


O, those chocolate candies wrapped in red look so good ~~ and hearts, too.
what else does one need ?


Tina I have noticed that your pictures are getting prettier each time you put up a new one. I'm so proud of your blog.............JAN


The chocolates are so pretty for Valentines and I really enjoyed the quote.
Life can change on a dime and never take any of the precious moments we have for granted... ENJOY!

Sorry you have been ill.


Love the music you have playing...I'm glad your feeling better. You too have a wonderful weekend.


Sweet candy dish.. and the chocolate hearts are so pretty in those red wrappers. Delish!

The Blue Ridge Gal

Lisa ~A Cottage to Me

We all need a bit of chocolate don't we! The heart chocolates look nice a plump. Enjoy your weekend!



We all need a daily dose of Vitamin C ( "C" being chocolate, of course)!!!

Have a good day, and I'm so glad you are feeling better.

sandy toe



Ah yes...so good to have you back and posting a bit of red!


So glad you're feeling better! Loved all those old linens!

Jean Eakin

Not only is chocolate delicious but yours is pretty too. There is nothing quite like chocolate, is it?
Have a wonderful day,
Jean in Virginia


Thanks you Tina. I am so glad that one of the kindest and most caring ladies in blog land is feeling much better.
Gods Blessings To You!


Never underestimate the value of chocolate!

Have a great day, Denise

Jean Tuthill

You are absolutely right! Women must have a chocolate lover's gene deeply embedded in their DNA. We just can't get enough! I have not met a woman that didn't love it!


Hi Tina,
I ate my weight in chocolate today!
Your blog brings sunshine to my days. I gave you an award...come visit.


Tina...happy to see that you are better. Hope you enjoyed the weather in East Texas this weekend. No sun here...but nevertheless, warm weather...very nice for February. Enjoy the upcoming week...



so glad you are feeling better Tina! please visit my blog for my give away if you have a moment!


oH, I can tell you are feeling better..that's great!
xo bj


Oh I had some chocolates like this and I had to get them out of my house as fast as possible to avoid eating too many.


Hi Tina,
Your blog is awesome, and you have inspired me! I've linked to many of your friends, so talented, and I'm hooked! I noticed that I have a cake plate with tin top just like yours. I got it from my sweet grandma...any way, glad you're feeling better, and looking forward to reading more post. I so excited to meet new friends.


Yummy! The chocolate looks delicious.


I have the same double crisp chocolate hearts in a milk glass dish on my coffee table. My daughter was disappointed when she bit into one thinking they were Dove chocolate! They are cute and "valentiny". Have a great Valentines!

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