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March 31, 2008



Awwww.... Della Mae is sooooo cute and perfect for Cherry Hill Cottage :)


bs honey

HEY, Tina. We are missing you. Hope all is well, or at least better.


Hi Tina,
You haven't posted in awhile and I am hoping that you are okay. Also, my thoughts are with your friend who is going through a heartbreak. Hope to hear from you soon, Hugs~Rosemary


My friend and I had so much fun meeting you yesterday in Canton. LaurieAnne's was beautiful.


I have been checking your blog for days, I hope that you and your 'special friend' are doing okay. It seems unusual for you to be away this long. You are missed.


Oh I love Della Mae!


Della Mae is just too adorable. I'm sure she's enjoying her new home too. It's good to move around occasionally!!



Lynn @ theVintageNest

I love Della Mae....what fun~

Lynn @ theVintageNest

I love Della Mae....what fun~

Sherri @Living Through the Lens

I especially love the hairbow!


She's adorable, looks like she fits right in.
I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog, your home is lovely. I especially love the yellow that you've used on your walls. Would you mind sharing the name of the color on your kitchen walls?


Ok...she is darling! You found just the perfect spot for her too, what a treat!


Our daughter is here visiting so my blog visiting time is limited, but I wanted to stop by and say "Hi" and to let you know I'm passing on an award to you.


Mary Issabella

Looks like she will be lots of fun.Awesome!!

noodle and lou studio

Oh how sweet! Just came over from Di's blog and I think Della Mae looks so at home here!! xoxo...jenn


Della Mae is so cute and fits perfectly!
I love the picture with the rooster. this area is lovely and very clean!


they have a beautiful blog.

loves greet from germany
xo andy


they have a beautiful blog.
a their to work are beautiful
loves greet from germany
xo andy

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Della Mae is just too wonderful.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Della Mae is just too wonderful.


I am loving the music...I am singing off key. Sometimes ya just gotta do that, right?
Love your site, Kimme


I love it! She's perfect for your cottage kitchen!



I have to agree with everyone else she is adorable.



Oh Tina!- I kept trying to access your blog, I thought that my pc was acting up again.- I see now that you hadn't posted for a few days.-

I thing that "Della Mae", is sure to bring a smile to all who see it! Today is a tough one- Mom passed just a month ago the 1st. I sure miss her, she would have really loved to see a pic too, of "Della". You sure found a treasure!- She is such a fun touch of whimsey-{sp}., just so fun like the "Toots" in your yard.-

Please let me know who is having the relationship troubles that you posted about?- Love, Valery xo


She looks great, keeping an eye on whats happening in the kitchen.
Have a great day!

Sweet Cottage Dreams

She is ADORABLE! Love the cherry print on her dress!!!



Della Mae's expression is priceless! She has the cutest eyes, and look at those long, long eyelashes. She is even appropriately dressed to reside at Cherry Hill cottage.



Your cottage is so full of FUN and personality, it just SINGS !!!!!!

Karen in DE

Tina - Della Mae is TOO CUTE! I need me a Della Mae!


I just bought a smaller piece of art from Di and love it too. Della Mae is just gorgeous, looks fantastic in your home.


Della Mae is soooooo cute!


OMG Della Mae is just adorable what a kick to look up and see her everyday, that would have to bring a smile to anyones face (:


she's adorable and looks perfect in your kitchen. i looked at the pictures of your home. absolutely beautiful. so inspiring.


Tina, you managed to find the most unique treasures of anyone I know. This is absolutely the cutest face - the expression and the colors are so Cherry Hill Cottage. Thank you for bringing to our attention another talented artist.


Hello sweetie Tina,
You find the greatest treasures! Della Mae is adorable and looks great in your kitchen! You never seize to make me smile! Hugs~Rosemary

Della Mae

When I dropped in today I thought you were sending me a personal greeting. From one Della Mae to another, she's outstanding! I have been "dropping" in for a year now and your's is my favorite.

Miss Jean

I'm in love with Della Mae!!! She is just absolutely darling!

Diane Duda

Awww! Tell her I miss her. ;)

Thanks Tina!!!


Becky from Tennessee

Oh Tina, Miss Della Mae is a hoot!! I just love her expression! I know you especially like her blouse/dress??? She is a perfect compliment for Cherry Hill Cottage.

Rachel Going

Della Mae, you have a lovely new home. Congratulations!

Rosie's Whimsy

How whimsical and fun! :-) Rosie

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