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January 22, 2008


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Kathy :)

Yum...that looks wonderful. I have everything but the Velveeta what would make a good substitute ??

Have a great day,

Kathy :)

Laura Lee

Great minds think alike! I just finished putting the ingredients for potato soup into the crock pot and sat down for a little morning blogging when I saw your post!

Yours looks really yummy.


I have been making this for years! We LOVE it! My friends have nabbed the recipe and one friend took it to three different get-togethers over the holidays! Love your blog!

Dana--freezin' in NE

the farmers wife

It's freezing here and now I know what's for dinner. Don't have any Velveeta but I'll find something!


What is Velveeta? Sorry don't know - I live in UK :-)


3/4 POUND OF VELVEETA???!! Yegads woman - you are trying to put those pounds on my hips! I will try this without the velveeta. We like to sprinkle cheese on top of our potato soup.

I like chunky potatoes too, but I like little pieces too. I had some Cracker Barrel potato soup a few weeks ago - YUM. And they serve it with those yummy croutons. You can buy their bread and make your own.

I have veggie soup in the crock pot. Icy here, soup weather for sure!


Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

Sounds like this would hit the spot on a cold day! Yummy!

Rose @ Classic Charm

YUM! I will certainly have to try this one! Sounds good with some warm crispy bread slices. Thanks.


Hi Tina,
Sounds scrumptous! I have made brocolli and cheddar soup with some velveeta last week and everyone loved it. I will definetely try your receipe as well. Hugs, Rosemary~


My hubby made a hugh pot of POTATO SOUP last night, along with a pan of his delicious, homemade cornbread. It was soooo good and just hit the spot.
This recipe sounds wonderful...we will sure give it a try. Thanks for sharing.....
hugs, bj


yum, yum and yum....we love potato soup too but yours looks much yummier!!! Isnt everything better with velveeta? lol


Mmmm, yummy! We just had a very similar potato soup for dinner last night. :) I did add some sliced kielbasa sausage though.



Sounds delicious! Now I know what we're having for supper tomorrow night! I'll have to run to the store for some velveeta, though. I don't think I've ever commented on your blog, but I really enjoy it!!!


Thanks for posting that recipe. Here in western PA it's a cold, snowy day and I can't wait to get the soup on!

Daisy Cottage

I'll be right over! ;-)

Looks SO good Tina!!



mmmmmm....looks yummy. You "had me" at the point of adding the Velvetta! Love your blog! I am going to add you to my "favourite blog list" at my own blog.


this sounds so good tonight because it's about 0 degrees here. :)


thanks for sharing the recipe.


Oh Yum! That looks good! We love potato soup too, and you've just reminded me that I haven't made any for awhile. I guess I'd better make some plans . . .

Flea Market Queen



I just love the way you "show" us your recipes...now I have a strong urge to make potato soup and put on a batch of rolls...


Andrea Bane

HOLY COW. I made this tonight and it was SOOOOOOoooooooooo declicious! I'll post a pic of my pot on my blog tomorrow. I had to puree the veggies though - Rob won't eat celery and onions! But they're in there, and it is just delicious!!!


Well I made your "Special Potato Soup" and we hubby and I loved it.


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