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January 07, 2008


Cookie Jars

I love your blog so much!! thank you so much..

Cynthia Parker

Please don't stop sending recipes, I just found your site. I'm very excited about trying each one of them.



Such an AWESOME find. My high school used to serve this exact dish and I never understood why everyone would rush to the cafeteria on Poppy Seed Chicken day. Even the teachers were making a mad dash down the hall way. Now my hubby is asking for it and I can wait to give your recipe a try.

Keep up the awesome work, your blog is in my top 5!!

Thanks again

Debra Rae Smith

Tina, A friend of mine just brought the Poppy Seed Chicken by to my family yesterday. I recently had surgery and can't stay up for a long period of time. My family is extremely picky. This was a great recipe and they loved it. I only had enough left for a single serving for lunch today! I just learned about your site. Please keep posting recipes! I love your site!
Debra Rae Smith

Debra Rae Smith

Tina, A friend of mine just brought the Poppy Seed Chicken by to my family yesterday. I recently had surgery and can't stay up for a long period of time. My family is extremely picky. This was a great recipe and they loved it. I only had enough left for a single serving for lunch today! I just learned about your site. Please keep posting recipes! I love your site!
Debra Rae Smith

Cece Marie

I adore your kitchen! Love your design style! What a great sense of color you have. I am really enjoying your blog. Thank you for all of the lovely photos and posts! I know how time consuming it is so thank you for sharing all of this with us!


That sounds lovely! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to try that!


that looks yummy....I love Poppy seed Muffins...and I love poppy seed dressing too. Your recipes are always so great so I like to read what your doing in the kitchen.


Thanks for the recipes. They all look so good. Don't stop showing them to us!I really appreciate them. Your home is so cheery and hospitable too. I love your colors! Rhondi


Your kitchen is so beautiful. There is nothing like white kitchen... so pretty. That poppy seed chicken looks good too! Love the song too! lla la la We can change the world!!


I love all your recipes!! Please don't stop posting them!!! Your blog is pure pleasure to visit!!

Jean T

Please don't stop the recipes! They are wonderful and give me encouragement to actually cook! LOL! I didn't know what to serve at bunco next month so now I'll serve this. Your kitchen is beautiful. Just what I would like. Tired of the oak but too chicken to refinish! I think I have the same red toile teapot. Don't you just love it? Take care and keep on cooking!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Yum! That sounds good.

Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

This sounds soooo good! Love your kitchen and the "Eat Cake" sign above the window is great!
Southern Lady's Vintage


oh yummers, now I know what's for dinner tonite :) thanx for sharing, and don't you dare stop with the recipes. . . . I love 'em!! xoxo P


Please don't fail us now. I love the receipes. Is there a link where all are posted together?


kathy lowry

I love this recipe anything with ritz on top are great - a couple of times wanted to make chicken pot pie . but had no crust and no flour -- so made it as usual but the topping was the ritz with butter sans poppy seeds - we loved it , even make it that way on purpose now -the other thing i do is -- sometimes use the onion rings in a can for the topping too yummy -- smells so good cooking too -- kathy


Sounds Yummy! You have a beautiful blog that I check daily. I will visit again and hope you visit my cottage. Connie


Hi Tina,
I have enjoyed your recipes and made some of them during the holidays. I have been making this casserole for years but I don't care for the poppy seeds and leave them out. It is still a wonderful dish that my family always begged for. Now my daughter makes it so I can just eat with her and not have to cook!! That's what daughters are for, right? :)

I visit your blog every day but don't always comment. Just know that I am here and I simply adore your home!



Tina, I have made this recipe so many times myself. Absolutely love it! We are big chicken "fans" at our house. Please don't stop with the recipes! Happy New Year from"Our Red Door"!!


That looks sooooo good! I will have to try it!

:0) Sharon


Your kitchen is just beautiful. I am wanting some banners like you have so much!!
The chicken sounds devine!
I am anxious to hear about the Canton trip!
hugs, bj


This recipe sounds great, we love chicken and I finally got my husband to eat rice after nearly 30 years. My husband is still going strong on the Taco Soup recipe, tells everyone about it. He thinks we need to come and meet you. He has a twin brother that lives in Midlothian, Texas. Thanks again Tina for everything.


Don't change a thing. I love your blog the decorating and the recipes. Thanks sooooo much for sharing.


Tina I have enjoyed your recipes. Everyone was new to me! Thanks! You know us the ones
that love and read your blog! We love and enjoy everything you post! And the winter
months we all seem to do alot more cooking.
Pamela in Ohio


pleeaasseee!!! don't stop posting recipes! i just recently found your site and have been going back into your archives and feverishly copying down recipes! they are AWESOME!

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Each recipe that I have tried of yours has been wonderful! This one sounds like good comfort food, which we love!! I bought Ritz crackers the other day to make the Pecan Pie (still have to do that) but will use the rest for this recipe. Infact, I have chicken breasts defrosting and will make this tomorrow!



Hi Tina,
I just poped the Poppy Seed Chicken in the oven for dinner. I love your recipes, it gives me new ideas of what to cook for supper. thank you , julia

Terri aka PennyAnnPoundwise

I had this in a restaurant and raved over it. When I found the recipe online I couldn't believe that so simple and few ingredients could taste so awesomely good together. YUM!


I dont put Cream of Celery in mine...but will try this one next time...your recipes are great thanks so much.


Ummmm...you're such a great bloggin friend...it's a good thing you can't see me however, cos with these recipes you've been posting...I can just feel my "rear" go into overdrive...if you know what I mean...and it's not about being TOO busy...

Your recipes always look and sound divine...and I've used a few of them to impress myself and others....

How was Canton...Cold??? Much???

Share girl...share...I know you didn't walk away with nada...



Welcome back~
No Tina, don't stop!!~LOL~Love your dishes!~Thanks, I will try this this week. Hugs, Rosemary


That does look yummy! Come by and check out my cherry s&p shakers! :) love, laura

Sarah Fortner

I am coming out of the woodwork to tell you that I love your blog. Its one onf my most favorites. and pleasae keep posting recipes! I love all the ones I have seen so far! :) Sarah


Tina, This looks wonderful!! Just might have to try it this week. I look at your blog everyday!! It is one of my favorites. I just started my blog. Hope to exchange recipes and creative ideas with all of you. I am also a Texan but, my husband & I now make our home in Big Bear Lake California.


Wow Tina, that sounds awesome and we do love your recipies :) Keep em' comin!




do NOT stop posting your recipes, i have added almost every one of them to my recipe folder and then forward them to Courtnee!!! pleeeeeeze reconsider!!!



I love your recipes - keep posting them! Happy New Year Tina!


Sounds yummy.
Love your kitchen.


I really like your recipes! Don't stop them Tina!
I like it all... lovely pictures of your home,decorating ideas,collecting,
homekeeping and recipes too. It's the perfect blog!


Thanks Tina - please don't stop with your recipes. Just add them when you feel like it. They are always so yummy.

Now - what did you buy at Canton? LOL




now i know what to do with *The Ritz*
left over
from the yummy mock apple pie!

[ one person in my family--
not me, of course--
ate almost the entire pie ]


love your kitchen.
no wonder you enjoy cooking in it...

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