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August 28, 2007



Yum, sounds delicious! I can't wait to make both this autumn> Thank you for sharing.


what is ro-tel???
I make salsa and just finished making/canning a batch of peach salsa - scrumptious!


HaHaHa! Yep, I'll make sure the jars are clean, Tina! Although, with all the pets we have (5 wonderful doggies and 3 adorable kitties) that might really be pushing it as far as "hair" goes! Just a little extra protein, I suppose!:) Thanks for the info.....I'm off to make salsa. Have a great day!


Becky! lol! Make sure your jars are clean..I know you will!! (the Mother is coming out in me!) you just fill your jars..don't cook. Mix it all in your blender and pour in your jars..EASY!! CUTE GIFTS! : )


Hi Tina,
I tried to email you to thank you for your kind comment on my post but your address isn't working. So, thanks so much for your very kind words and thanks for stopping by! xo~dawn


Hi Tina, okay....I've never made salsa/hot sauce before so here goes. After mixing everything in the blender, do I just fill mason jars with it or does it have to be cooked or whatever you do with salsa?? I know this sounds really dumb but I don't want to POISON my family!! LOL! I bought all the ingredients today but wanted to find out what to do. Thanks for any info.


YUM Tina!! I cooked this for dinner tonight!! Very good!!


paula luckhurst

Looks so yammy.

Mrs. Rabe

This is one of my favorite meals!!! I haven't made it in a while. Will have to do it soon, though as it has made me hungry!!!!!

Thanks for sharing your hot sauce/salsa recipe!


I make this recipe occasionally and it is so delicious! I'm going to copy the hot sauce recipe.


Oh my word my tummy is a growlin' after seeing this entry! Thanks so much for your recipes. :)


This sounds wonderful. I always have a bunch of guys around with my son, so I think they'd love it. The hotter the better for them.... I'm thinking it would be good with a little of that Harry and David red pepper relish, too.... It's sweet and a little hot. Your blog is so awesome.



I just started a Blog and I listed you as one of my favorite Blogs. I hope that you will come and see my spot. Please be patient as I am brand new at this! Thank you for being such a great inspiration to me!

Sharon RoseofSharonMay.Blogspot.com


Hi Tina.......as Rachael Ray says, "YUMMO"!
I have this recipe but haven't fixed it in a while and it is sooooo good so tomorrow, I'm fixing it! I have got to try your salsa recipe, too. I've never seen it before and it looks so easy. Can't wait to see your freshly painted deck! Becky


Oh my gosh!! That looks sooo yummy!! I can almost taste it!! I'm going to try it as soon as I can!! Yummy!! Chery :)


Hi Tina,
Looks yummy. I will definetely copy it. Thanks for sharing~Rosemary

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

Homemade salsa with canned tomatoes~ it can't get much easier than that.
There was a recipe for a mexican casserole similar to this in Southern Living. I read it an said...'Pffft~ I'm using a can of soup!'


Mmm -can't wait to make the hot sauce - thanks!


Tina commented she needed something to make for work. We are having potluck at work, I was going to make hasbrown casserole, that looks much better. I am hungry now



Oh gosh! that looks delicious! And I do have all of the hot sauce ingredients in my pantry. Hmm. I think I will make some tomorrow. Thank you for posting this. :)

Theresa-Garden Antqs

Hi Tina: I was looking just for this kind of recipe to make on Friday for work. Thanks for reading my mind :)


What time are you serving...dinner??? I can be there in a couple of hours...I love chicken enchiladas, I think I've made this before, too...it is so good! Love the easy hot sauce recipe...you can never have enough of that...

Are you going to Canton this weekend? NOW...isn't that a crazy question???



Hi Tina,

This looks so yummy! I can just imagine how great your home smells with those onions and peppers simmering :) I'm definately making this tonight!



Oh I am def. gonna try that recipe! That sounds soooo yummy. I have yet to eat today and this is not helping me one bit rofl! xoxo, cherry

cindy~my romantic home

That looks so good...I'm so hungry right now and I could almost smell that casserole through the monitor.

Linda's Blue Gate

I'm cooking up your recipe right now... I was trying to think of something yummy to have already made up for First Monday. The last thing I want to do ( after sitting in the heat all day ) is cook.
Thanks... I'm sure it will be a big hit


You do have some of the best recipies! I'll have to try both of these soon.

Flea Market Queen

Yummy...looks delish! Will have to try this for sure. Thanks for sharing...


I love salsa on eggs and this looks like a great recipe to make! Thanks for sharing!


Melissa..the deck is looking good! Just a few more things to do and I'll be taking photos!


Tina, the recipes look awesome! I cooked up our Chicken Enchiladas this past weekend, so yummy and very similar to yours.

How did painting the deck come along? I LOVE your deck and know you will enjoy it for the next several months of cooler weather.

Thanks for sharing,


YUM! save some for me, I'll be there in a couple of hours! I looooveeeee salsa and eat it practically daily on something...and the to tel looks might delish too!


Yum on the casserole recipe. I think I will try it using some of our fresh tomatoes - I'm not a fan of Ro-Tel. I bet this would be good using ground beef too.

Thanks for sharing!


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