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July 07, 2007



Thank you so much for this recipe! I had printed it off when you first posted it and now finally got around to making these this morning. YUM-O! :)


Tina, they look so wonderful!! It's funny, but I made homemade pancakes on Saturday too. I really like your idea to put the mix into a cute jar so that it's handy. Yours is so cute. I also love your milk carton - the best colors!! Thanks for sharing your recipe (and your plate of pancakes Milton :o)


I'd love to know where to purchase a jar like yours. It reminds me of the old "Solitare Coffee" jars. I bought one at an auction a long time ago, and they have gotten expensive.
Love your blog. I am a "red" person too!


Your blogs are so playful Tina.......I just love this yummie post and can't wait to try the recipe!


Sue Giannotta

Yum! I had pancakes this morning for breakfast too. You sound like me, I'm forever asking John to stepaside a bit to take a picture of something or other ;)


Wow how weird is this?...before I hopped online I told my family that I was in the mood for pancakes, they thought I was crazy because its 10:30 p.m. on a Saturday night...stopped by to say hello and low & behold. Guess I know what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow!


Hi!Tina- Looks yummy!-did you know that I mix the same ingredients you do-? but all at once in the blender,then I just pour them on the griddle, & dh can make more whenever he wants.- It keeps in the fridge all weekend in the blender container,-If you make them with just milk-instead of buttermilk , it is called "Swedish"pancakes. Love , Valrey-


Yummmmm thanks for sharing the recipe! :)
God bless :)

Becky at Cottage*Dreams (ebay)

Yum-O!! Will have to try these out. Cute jar, cute label (great printing) and cute cherry glass! Thanks for sharing! ~*~ Becky


I love the jar, too cute. And I had to laugh to see the cherries on the glass. LOL I love pancakes and to top them off I fry an egg or two, ummmm so good. OK now Im hungry.
Have a great weekend.


My husband could eat pancakes every week so I most definitely will try this recipe! I love the little cherry glass. :)


Yum! We have pancakes (with sausage) almost every Sunday morning. I love to serve them with fresh sliced strawberries, whipped cream and cinnamon on top. So pretty and so good.
Will have to try your recipe....

cindy@ My Romantic Home

I don't think I've seen Foremost milk since I was a kid. They don't sell that here anymore. How weird...I never really thought about it until I saw your picture.

Your pancakes look good!


I have those plates too! LOL! I think maybe we were seperated at birth! hee-hee! I guess great minds think alike ;) rosemary


Hey Meg, The oven temp. for the peach cobbler is 350...sorry about that, I forgot it put that in. I went back and added it, thanks Meg and Stacy!


You've made my 16 yo son very happy- I refuse to buy Bis*quick anymore, so now he has a mix to make up to replace it (he's an aspiring chef)
BTW- what is the oven temp for the Peach Cobbler? We picked up a bunch of over-ripe peaches at the Farmer's Market today & I think cobbler is on tap for tomorrow :)


Your pancakes certainly trump my 2 slices of toast on a napkin! I'm beginning to think my homemaking skills have gone in the dumpster!! Enjoyed the refreshing pictures!


Oh, they look delish & I missed breakfast. Darn!


Ooooh these pancakes look delicious! Yumm.

Tina, love the cute container, labeling, and ribbon. You are so clever girl, you should just write a book and share your many talents.

Thanks bunches and btw I havent had Foremost Milk in ages since I lived in North, La. Brings back memories:)

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