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February 24, 2007


Daisy Cottage

A wonderful collection! hmmm - now I have an idea ;-)


You have some lovely pieces. They have real impact,all grouped together.

annewithane65 (Kim)

Love your collection of white treasures!

cherry nelson

what a delight to come on here and see these pics! Perfect eye candy! I too love white ironstone, McCoy, etc. Have you seen my black hutch with it displayed over at kristi's? I was going to ask you what shade/brand of yellow is on your walls? Also is that wallpaper or real tin on your walls? So neat Tina! cherry

Betty Jo

I don't have a lot of white but your collection is awesome and looks so pretty displayed together like that. I'll have to keep my eyes open and see what I can find in white when I'm thrifting or at the antique mall.


& I love your blogs name too! It's verrry fitting! Yes Rosy does lay a very light pink egg for me..those eggs make me smile! YES YES list I got one more listed today, I tell ya tho tina, listing is not my favorite thing to do anymore:( I'm into my 7th year now and it does feel more like work! LIST! I LOVE YOUR WHITE COLLECTIONS! xo


That shelf is sooo pretty. I'd love to find one like that! I love white ironstone too. It's so primitive and lovely.


all shades of white.... right there with ya sistah ! I love white... white slipcovers, white ironstone, antique white linens, white towels, white mccoy... pearl white paint...
a friend of mine has a shade garden with all white blooms... mmmmmmm


I love it! I love the way you grouped it all together! It's just the right amount of white to make you think of spring!!


Ohh love the white and love the pansies!

Allie from Minneapolis

Tina, sooo beautiful. I love it. Thank you for sharing :o)


Sigh...more beautiful photos. You certainly never disappoint!

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