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February 27, 2007


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I like ANMJ on FB & just subscribed to the email feed! :)

Ipod Rip

So girly! :) Did you make this one?

Antique Toys

i love it, it is so cute! :) i love your blog also :)


This feather wreath is sooooo beautiful!
I'd love to know how you made it!
Love your blog too!
I am a cherry lover too! :-)

Allison Andrews

It's so cute - as is the bed, canopy, and other pillows! So darling. You did a great job making it - wish I could be there to make one with you :o)


Wow!!! How soft and girlie is that???? We all need a lesson in making feather wreathes.

cherry nelson

Can that get anymore delectibley girly? Love it! Did you just buy a feather boa at the craft store and wrap it on a wreath form? I have seen those and the trees for the holidays. I have a urge to want to put it on my head and become a "feather princess"....lol. xoxo, cherry


Tina....tina.....tina.... did you make that ????
Or did you buy it ???? Please please tell your sweet shabby bloggy friends where they might purchase one of those.... so.damn.cute.wreaths. lol !!


Oh my gosh, how cute!
Come visit me!

Daisy Cottage

Oh come on! Can you get ANY more adorable?!!! Love it Tina!!!!



That is so cute. I can't believe you made that! I love the hanging lamp fixture too! It's so pretty peeking out of the canopy.


Oh my gosh! How fun is that? Its like a feather boa for your room!


Tina, this little feather wreath is soooooo darn cute!! I love it.

love ya...stacy


I LOVE your wreath, do you know where I could learn how to make one?


Hi :0) What a cute wreath. Looks so soft :) Your blog is really neat :)Thanks for sharing.



Hi :0) What a cute wreath. Looks so soft :) Your blog is really neat :)Thanks for sharing.


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