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February 21, 2007


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I love your blog very much, more more info, I will concern it again!


Oh how I love such things and how special to know where this precious piece came from, it's story! It now has such a special new home!
I so enjoy your blog...have a wonderful weekend!


What a great picture! It's wonderful to find a treasure like that with a story behind it.


That is such a darling picture. I want one...lol.Don't you just love that feeling you get when you've snagged a gem? I'ts precious! You did good girl.

cherry nelson

That is an awesome find Tina! You found the perfect place for it! I was gonna tell you I got the cherries at Michaels. I just love them. Do you have one of those in Texas? You must come see my new florals I got over weekend....glad to see we all got lucky with treasures! Cherry


Tina I am a sucker for those prints with children and dowgys:) this story is a neat one* yes I'm selling on e again, I have done so for a few years off an on..take care!


that will look fabulous in your home... and I love the fact that the son gave you the background story... always makes it more special.


Love it! What a cool little tresure you found.

Daisy Cottage

So perfect for your cottage! It is incredibly sweet and charming! Love it Tina!!!

annewithane65 (Kim)

What a great picture!


That is truly the sweetest picture. How fun to hang that somewhere to be admired by all. Don't you just love finding something so vintage!! Cindy S.


That is so sweet! I love your vintage finds, and really enjoy your blog.


That is so adorable! What a great find. I love the bluebirds.


Very pretty. Its a lucky find for sure.


That is the cutest picture. You are always so lucky at finding good ones. She looks like our granddaughter, Breanna, with the curly hair. Have a good day!!

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