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February 28, 2007



by the way, "digusting" should be disgusting! Snappy little fingers on the keyboard!


Well, I'm not sure if you ever check back on your old blogs but I'm writing anyway. These pictures are absolutely adorable. IF you ever get tired of them, PLEASE sell them to me!!!! Like I've written before, I sure wish I could go shopping at YOUR Goodwill. The ones I go to have the most digusting stuff.........I'm not talking dirty and dusty. I mean UGLY!! Think avocado green shag carpet and orange polyester pantsuits!!! :)

Linda Thompson

The puppy dog print is sooo darling!! Great finds!
They would sure make me smile every day!

Daisy Cottage

Just so cute and perfect for you and your home... I'm glad they ended up with you!

Allison Andrews

Tina, they are precious. Isn't it amazing what people will get rid of - and lucky you to have found them!

annewithane65 (Kim)

What great pictures...I also just love the color of your wall...very pretty!

Betty Jo

These are beautiful. I picked up something at goodwill recently and it had so much kitchen grease on it, my hand literally stuck to it! UGH! So glad you found these lovelies and have given them such a pretty home. xoxoxo


ahhh that sweet buttery color on your walls I want to know what it is? xo


Love your blog!

And your orphans have found the perfect home -- and they are just so wonderful!! And a bargain too! I just love thrift stores of all sorts and kinds!

Rosemary Cottage


Very sweet, and I especially like the little puppy one. I love Goodwill! :)

lisa :)

What pretty pictures you found and for 8.00?? WOW! what a bargin!! I really love the puppy dog one- it is so sweet! Makes me think of something out of the 1940's! Speaking of puppies we need to see some more pictures of your two sweeties Pleaseeee!!!


Awhhhh, those are so sweet. What a find! Love a bargain!
Come visit me!

Mona Vara

Hey Tina
Were the pictures only $8.00 with the frames? Love the little dog.
The shops here price everything like it's worth a mint.


Those pictures are cute. Lucky you, again..


I love the little girl on the horse... and the mat is pretty on that picture also. Oh I love the orphans too... I always wonder what their story is... and I know they appreciate being back in a home where they are loved and appreciated ! I will take used and loved over new anyday ! btw... sent the wreath pic to my shabby girlfriend and we WILL be having craft night... soon !


What great pictures. I love the puppy with the shoe. I'm a real sucker for dog prints....except for the muddy kind.....lol.


Wish I had that little cutie pie with the red shoe and the horse for my granddaughter. It is so much fun "coming inside your house" and looking around.


Those are adorable, what a great deal! Just like yesterday, I'm noticing your other beautiful things in the background...I LOVE that curtain!


Really cute! Love the little girl on the horse.

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