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January 24, 2007


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l love this blog! Thanks so much for sharing!
It just plain makes me happy :)


Your so welcome Becky! I do love to "play" in my home~ that is what my twin brother tells me when he comes to Cherry Hill Cottage~ he likes it here! lol! Tina


Thank you for such a kind, personal response. It may take me awhile to find the right platters and things but I hope to try it in my little home that I too love so much! (I can tell that you love to be in and "play" in your home-I do , too:) Thanks again for such a charming idea! Becky


Becky, Collect 20 or so vintage plates and platters~ buy wire plate hangers~ nails~ thats it. I hung a platter first~ you are going to want to hang several plates and platters on the wall to form your shape~ hang them very close. Put your wire hangers on all your plates and platters~ Go back to the first platter and hang a small plate at the bottom of that platter~ the bottom left hook of the wire hanger. Start hanging all your plates off all the little hooks. Make sure you keep it balanced. What you are doing is building your collage, laying it. It looks better w/ different size plates and platters~ very small plates and large platters. You can click on my photos and enlarge it to see how the plates are hanging off the wire hooks. This is easier to do than to explain...lol! Tina


Adorable-Please let us in on the secret! I love your blog!


I just found your blog today! Love it and your house is so cute, so many cute ideas.I'm dying to know how to do the plate collage, please tell us.
Come visit me!


Hi. I found your blog today from Daisy Cottage, and I love your style. You have so many wonderful pics of your lovely home, I think I saw them all. I have a stack of vintage china plates, and a blank dining room wall that until today I had no idea what to put on it. PLEASE will you tell us how you made your plate collage? I just love, love, love it!


So how DO you hang your plate collage? :)
Carol, owner of many vintage plates!


Your blog is wonderful and so is this plate collage.... oh my I MUST do this in my home. Found you thru Kims blog.

Linda Colgan

Hi just found this wonderful web site. The plate collage is so cute. How did you ever do this cause I'm sitting heAR SO EXCITED TO GET STARTED ON ONE MYSELF. i WANT TO DECORATE COTTAGE STYLE BUT HAVE NO IDEA WHERE TO START AND SIGHTS LIKE YOURS WILL HELP SO.

Daisy Cottage

Hi Tina! I LOVE your brand new blog! You did good girl!! I really love your display of plates!! Sooo pretty!! Everything looks wonderful ~ Welcome to Blogland!
You know I'll be back! ;-)

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